Friday, 30 January 2015

What every blonde needs

I have been having my hair dyed blonde for a couple of years now and I hate the period in between where it just doesn't look the same colour as it was dyed. It just doesn't look it's usual blonde self, instead I tend to feel a darker shade of dull - not good!

I have been using Pro-voke daily brightening shampoo and conditioner for a while and love the quality and the smell - especially the smell! But I just wanted that added extra that something that would give me longer lasting shine and colour. 

I started using the twice a week brightening shampoo and conditioner for around a month now and I am that impressed I had to feature it. To start it has the same beautiful smell its just a teeny bit darker looking in colour than the daily ones. I also feel as though I can last a lot longer in between colours which is fantastic for a poor student like me! 

As I was loving the twice a week products so much I thought I would try out more from the range. So I have also got the hairspray, dry shampoo and dry conditioner. 

The hair spray is great, long lasting hold and doesn't darken the appearance of the hair when sprayed on like many other hair-sprays do. The dry shampoo is a winner! Its just perfect and you don't have to apply much at all, unlike some others and it is really easy to brush in. 

The dry conditioner however I was really unsure about as I have really oily hair, and rarely use conditioner anywhere but the tips of my hair. I thought I would give it a go anyhow, and I am quite impressed it works in between washes to brighten the ends of your hair that become dull through blow drying etc and gives your hair a lovely shine!

I will definitely be purchasing more from the Pro-voke range in the near future! 

What are your favourite hair products?

Lindsey xx


  1. I love this range. Expect don't over use the silver shampoo because you will get a purple hue to your hair!!

    Jenn from

  2. I used to use this religiously. I left the shampoo for 15 mins at a time to get the granny grey everyone loves. So good.

    Jackson | Jacksons Cup Of Tea

  3. I try and go about 2-3 months between hair appointments, so I don't even think I could function without a purple shampoo or treatment! Haha.