Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Goodstock - the charity shop with a difference

The other week I went to a lovely event in the heart of Manchester to a charity shop with a difference. 

This store has a lovely warehouse feel and striked me as a trendy boutique-like-shop, which is refreshing to see from a charity store.

Goodstock prides itself in selling good quality items that just need a loving home - they sell both female and male - clothing, shoes and accessories. The money from the sales goes to a lovely charity called vINSPIRED. vINSPIRED help and train people aged between 18-25 to get jobs by allowing them to gain experience through volunteering in the store.

One arrival I was given a £20 gift voucher to spend on finding an outfit which was a great touch. I couldn't find an outfit so I picked two separate pieces that I thought would last the year. I found a metallic grey top originally from F&F and a pair of pretty patterned navy trousers originally from Zara.

As well as this there was a nail bar where I had the prettiest mint green and white coloured pattern painted on my nails. 

Goodstock also had a little sewing corner were you could get buttons etc put onto your new purchases which I thought was a great idea!

Have you visited Goodstock?

Lindsey xx

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