Monday, 6 April 2015

Pledge #2 - Being an NHS care maker

Today's post is about spreading good health care information and care. I would like to give you an insight into becoming part of a community whom wants to provide good, honest care. So here goes.

Being a student nurse has many perks and being able to be involved in such an important campaign is definitely one of them. 

Being an NHS care maker is about much more than just attending events and spreading awareness, its about being part of a group who want to make a change.

So what exactly is an NHS care maker?

We are a select number of people in England who campaign and aim to promote safe and effective care. We do this by promoting the 6c's at any possible time.

The 6c's are:


However, the 6c's are not exclusive to nurses! Everyone who works in an environment that cares for individuals can adopt and promote this simple yet effective vision. 

Anyways rant over. Here's the 6c's promotion video for you all to have a gander at.

Thank you all so much for reading. 

Lindsey xx

(As part of my role, I have pledged to write this post this year (2015) to provide awareness).

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