Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fashion starts with..

Fashion starts with..

Being female means having to have the horrendous ordeal of having to wear a bra, I mean, it's just an absolute inconvenience and an extra thing to wash, not to mention the waste of time that is, a bra fitting.

Anyway, now that we have established that bras annoy me, I do think that it is important to wear the right size bra, even though we all vary in size from store to store, and as mentioned bra fittings are a waste of time - but regardless to the latter I think it is still important to waste a bit of time each time you buy a bra by getting measured. Rant over.

I do believe that us women, however, do feel much better when we are wearing matching good quality underwear - for me I feel a little boost of confidence, as fashion does start with a good bra.

Recently I have been loving the bra's in the above picture from PINK at Victoria's secret, especially the racer back style ones. I love how easy wearing they are and that they are less visible when wearing vest tops etc. The only issue is the price of good quality bra's, they are just so expensive! 

Nevertheless, I have added these beauties to my payday list!

Lindsey xx


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